Happy Friday! After a week of rest and self-care, we are back with our weekly series, a little taste of the positivity in our world. We encourage you to give yourself a break this week – something small, like allowing yourself the time to relax and letting the dishes pile up for an afternoon, or a chunk of time in prayer or meditation. The climb out of sex trafficking is work deserving of rest.

Parenting in Israel

OC nonprofit Solidairty shares an urgent need to keep their programs running, and donors pour in what they can, adding up to 85K and counting! Check out what they are doing to transform lives locally.

One woman took a ‘mental health day,’ and her boss responded with more kindness than you’d think was possible in the business world.

A UN agency is pushing for airline staff to be trained in spotting victims of trafficking – we’ll be following progress of this plan eagerly!

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