While human trafficking continues to gain attention with grassroots campaigns and nonprofits abroad, the temptation is distance ourselves from a problem of this magnitude is strong.

The reality, as some families know from personal tragedy, is that sex trafficking and other forms of human trafficking occur just down the street.

The reality, as many law enforcement officers know, is that trafficking in many forms is an undercurrent in large cities across the country.

The reality, as our advocates at FAST know, is that there are women, children, and men fighting to escape a lifestyle forced on them – a life of coercion and abuse.

The Los Angeles Times has reported on sex trafficking in Southern California as recently at February 2017 – read the article here: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-human-trafficking-sweep-arrests-20170202-story.html

As FAST gains traction and builds on the foundation of work performed with task forces and social service agencies for the past 5 years, your support will be monumental in our journey to bring peace to these families as they seek to regain a stolen family member. Follow along as we profile survivor families, victims, advocates, and legal experts who have personally experienced this reality. To get involved, visit our How To Help page.