The Families Against Sex Trafficking Team

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D’Lita Miller

Founder, CEO, Human Trafficking Expert

D’Lita has combined over 20 years of human trafficking expertise into a collective organization known as Families Against Sex Trafficking. She has made it her mission in life, to free those bounded by sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. With extensive knowledge of sexual exploitation and human trafficking, D’Lita plans to aid communities thru engagement, education, and empowerment.

Boye Tucker

Technical Advisor, Creative Director, Designer & Developer

Boye has been working with Families Against Sex Trafficking since it’s creation. He has developed and designed much of the online resources available from the Families Against Sex Trafficking organization. Additional he provides direct technical support and consulting.


Volunteer Your Services
Are you interesting in helping battle against human-sex trafficking? Are you a survivor of “The Life” who wants to help mentor victims of sexual exploitation? Just click the “Volunteer” button below and submit your information.

Survivor Mentors

With Access to Survivor Leaders across the United States, F.A.S.T. is able to provide victims in need with Survivor Mentor support. It is through our partnerships that we create a platform of empowerment for survivors of sexual exploitation.

Family Advocacy

Our Family Partner’s aim to identify the indicators of sexual exploitation and assist families in understanding the process of victimization. Partner’s will help to expose the force, fraud, and coercion involved in sexual exploitation while assisting in building a platform for providing care and support.

Online Groups

We’ve created an atmosphere online where families are provided support and education on a multitude of subjects involving sexual exploitation. It is our hope that through these online groups we are able to provide answers and resources.

Support Services

As the battle against sex-trafficking and sexual exploitation continues, we continue to network and build partners so that we can provide the supportive services necessary for survivors of sexual exploitation.

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