FAST provides specialized training for community members, schools, faith-based organizations, attorneys, survivors of exploitation, and those who are interested in learning more about sexual exploitation.

FAST offers a variety specialized training, including 1-day family workshops are designed to educate parents on the signs of child sex trafficking, vulnerabilities and what we refer to as the “invisible family grooming”. We will also explore the victimization that exploited children experience while being trafficked. This includes: recruitment, grooming, rules of “the game,” the trafficker, the buyer, and the parent. Games, quizzes, and prizes are used to bring diversity to a very delicate and personal topic. The workshops are 8 hours long, and include two 15 minute yoga sessions.

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24-week Intervention Empowerment Programs

Phenomenal Me: 12 Steps to Greatness (For ages 11-17)

  • Case Management
  • Ending the Game Sex Trafficking Intervention Group
  • Advocacy (court, dcfs, law enforcement)
  • Peer Partner
  • Phenomenal Me Support Group
  • Trauma Informed Yoga(CSEC Trained)
  • Survivor-led Substance Abuse Group
  • LBGT Survivor Support Group

This program is strategically designed to unravel the manipulation and “grooming” that most children who are trafficked experience. Generally, grooming is a phased gradual process used by perpetrators to sexually exploit children and young people. Grooming takes place over time and typically involves a number of stages ranging from befriending and exchange of favors to coercive measures that include violence, exploitation and control. The entire experience can significantly change a child’s personality and affect their life drastically.

The Phenomenal Me program addresses root causes that can lay the groundwork for grooming and contribute to child sex trafficking, such as abuse, peer influence and media influences.  Below are activities that will be provided during the 24 weeks of survivor empowerment.

Ending The Game is our 10- week intervention course that focuses on the mind control of trafficking victims. This course was co-authored by three trafficking survivors and a male cult survivor, who are all from different backgrounds, but share the common experience of mind control. The course is interactive and uses survivor leader videos to provide a realistic platform for survivors to learn.

Music, dance, spoken word, and yoga for healing are used to release the old and channel in new, positive energy during the 24 weeks of survivor empowerment.

Case management, advocacy, intervention groups, peer partners, and resources will be provided for each participant. A empowerment plan and support team will be provided to assist in the development of a “Phenomenal Me” graduate.

The Phenomenal Woman 12 Steps to Greatness (For ages 18 and older)

  • Case Management
  • Ending the Game Sex Trafficking Intervention Group
  • Advocacy (Court, Department of Children and Family Services, law enforcement, referrals)
  • Peer Partner
  • Phenomenal Woman Support Group
  • Survivor Led Substance Abuse Groups
  • Trauma Informed Yoga
  • Life Skills
  • Art Therapy
  • Zumba

Phenomenal Woman was inspired by survivors who have become empowered leaders. This program is designed to address root causes of exploitation among adult women, while unveiling influences such as: childhood abuse, family grooming, financial instability, peer influence, music, media, and much more.

Upon entering our empowerment program, survivors will begin to take steps towards their success, while being empowered through structure, education, support and advocacy. Phenomenal Woman is a program that focuses on the inner woman (hurt, abused, abandoned), who will eventually blossom into a Phenomenal Woman (empowered, educated, equipped).

Survivors will be assigned case mangers who will assist them in developing an “empowerment plan”. Once the plan is developed the survivor will team up with a peer partner, who will provide support and mentorship. Survivors will participate in art therapy, spoken word, dance, and yoga healing to assist in ushering out the old and allowing newness to enter their mind, body, and spirit.

10- weeks of the program will focus on the mind control aspect of trafficking victims. Survivors will participate in a weekly group (Ending the Game) that unravels the mind control, while empowering survivors with tools to overcome mental enslavement.

A therapist will be available on group days only. Referrals will be given as needed.

Phenomenal Families Intervention Program

  • Case Management
  • Family Intervention Group
  • Advocacy (court, DCFS, law enforcement, referrals)
  • Family Partner
  • Referrals as needed
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Trauma Informed Family Yoga

Phenomenal Families is a unique program being that was designed to engage, educate, and empower families of sex trafficking survivors.  Participants will receive case management, intervention groups, family partners, and advocacy, while the survivor is empowered with the same services. Family empowerment is critical in the success of sex trafficking survivors young and old. Our goal is to equip families with support, knowledge, understanding and resources.

We believe that empowering the family and including them into a survivor’s success plan will allow the survivor a greater chance of success.

Prevention/Intervention Training

  • Survivor Empowerment (Prevention/Intervention/After Care)
  • Family Empowerment (Prevention/Intervention/After Care)
  • My Life My Choice Prevention Groups (Prevention)
  • Ending The Game (Intervention)
  • IEMPATHIZE Empowerment Youth Project (Prevention)

The workshops we provide are fashioned to meet several purposes, which include awareness (prevention), addressing root causes of sex trafficking (intervention), and steps to end “the game” (empowerment). Our family intervention workshops also give family members steps to take if their loved one is being trafficked while empowering them through intervention support, advocacy, and training, to aid in restoring the whole family.  Specialized Family Training courses are facilitated by family survivors. We team up a family partner and survivor to examine both sides of  exploitation. By doing this we create an atmosphere of balance, so that parents don’t take on guilt or blame the child. We examine the strengths and weaknesses of families, and how an unhealthy family can contribute to the vulnerabilities of a child. Some of our trainings include topics such as, “The do’s and don’ts of parenting a child survivor,” “How victims think after being exploited,” and “Why won’t my child stay home?”


  • Family
  • Community
  • Survivor
  • Program Development

FAST offers consultation to families who may have a loved one who is at risk, or has been sexually exploited. We will meet with families and discuss their options, which may be intervention, rescue, or accessing services for the family member.

In an effort to increase knowledge and services for survivors and their families, FAST offers consultation to community members, schools, law enforcement, churches, and parent groups.