Who are we?

Families Against Sex Trafficking (FAST) was created to provide engagement, education, and empowerment to survivors of sex trafficking and their families. In 2011, founder D’Lita Miller’s daughter became a victim of child sex trafficking and from that experience FAST was created. Our vision is to provide awareness to prevent sexual exploitation, intervention to empower families and survivors, and supportive services that will enable families to heal from the trauma and fear associated with sex trafficking.

We believe that by bridging the gap in supportive services, family advocacy, and aftercare, survivors and families will become more empowered. While sex trafficking can happen anywhere and to anyone, our target areas are underserved communities and highly populated minority areas. Our agency prides itself in cultural competency and implements a comprehensive holistic approach to the families we serve. We do not discriminate against age, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs.


“It takes a village to empower a family from the pain of sex trafficking” FAST Founder D’Lita Miller



“My 13 year old daughter was sexually exploited, and my family was referred to FAST. It’s been a year, and FAST has provided our family with advocacy, support, and most of all love.”


Parent of Sexually Exploited Teen

“FAST helped to arrange for my rescue [and] relocation, and continues to provide advocacy and support to me and my 9 month old daughter.”


Sexual Exploitation Survivor

“After my experience in ‘the life,’ I didn’t trust anybody but my mom. After meeting one of the advocates and learning more about ‘mind control’ [by trafficker], my outlook began to change. I know my worth.”


Child Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Watch “The Life”, a documentary featuring founder, D’Lita Miller, that was nominated for best documentary by the 168 Film Project.

Directed, Filmed & Edited by: Ralph Garcia

Assistant DP: Lucy Garcia

2nd Camera: Mike Meade